Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tyler Warren Surfing Sartorialist

So the Papa purchased a pair of Yellowrats surf trunks the other day from the Thalia Street Surf Shop, they were on sale and hey a fraction of the cost of those trashy shorts produced in China by the likes of QUIKRIPABONG, you know the ones, homogenised fashion rubbish, anyway I came across this photo of Tyler Warren on the Yellow Rats blog and thought to myself this is one for Scott Schuman's blog the Sartorialist. The Papa was impressed indeed, this photo captures the irreverence of surfings past while still having a definate contemporary edge.It's vintage, its cool and its very California. There's a lot of Jan Michael Vincent in this shot wouldn't you agree?


  1. A great photo - but I just noticed that he only appears to be wearing one sock...

  2. Ahh James, in there lies the beauty of it all, deliberate or not one sock is so irreverent don't you think?