Tuesday, May 19, 2009

40's lifeguards and the PAPA style

Its not every day you can find the one image that defines a concept, but with the investigative skills of my trusty friend, Mr Photo Hound, I believe that this single photograph is the one that best sums up Papa Nui. Taken at Barber Point Oahu Hawaii in 1943, this lifeguard is the personification of the Papa concept. From his mid green aviators to his US Navy underwater demolition team shorts the look is classic. Note around his neck he is also wearing an olive USN plastic survival whistle. The hollow wooden paddleboard looks like something Tom Blake would have made and probably did as this type of craft was the state of the art in 1930's 1940's surf rescue. My favourite thing however is the lifeguard chair with the Olive canvas shelter cover. Man I gotta me get one of those made so I can sit in the yard and survey the neighbourhood. Your safety is now in the Papa's hands.

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