Sunday, January 18, 2009

Introduction to Papa Nui.

Like us all I am inspired by many things. Since day one, my Father has been a most dominating force. Jack was a veteran of World War 2 and he served the better part of those years campaigning in the South Pacific. Naturally as a child I was awed by my fathers exploits and adventures in the island jungles and so over the years I grew to develop a significant appreciation of his generations acomplishments. Along with this came a great love of history, especially the war years and especially the conflicts in the Pacific region.
This interest permeates my world and influences much of how I view things. As you come to know me through this blog you will see how this plays out into my thinking and my approach and outlook on things. But for now my interests are Surfing, Art, Fashion and Music.

I like history, military, aviation, old hollywood movies, junking, interiors, cooking, south pacific, Japan, beachcombing and underwater love. Musically Im drawn to the Clash and the Blue Hawaiians, Alfred Aholo Apaka, the Whys, Dizzy, Wes Montgomery, Slim Gallard, Machito, Lee Perry, Jimmy Cliff, Big Youth, Burning Spear, Johnny Lee Wills and the Japanese Motors. I love the asthetics of America from the 1930's -1960's and for fashion Ive always spent my dollars on vintage garments from American thrift stores while on junking trips across the States.

At one time or another Ive been very active in Skateboarding and Surfing, have lived abroad in London and Tokyo and have worked with some big name fashion labels, here and overseas.
My desire for this blog is to network some of my thoughts and see what comes back. I have long term goals around things Id like to do and would love the opportunity to meet like minded individuals who could help me put a spin on things and perhaps encourage me to make some of my ideas a reality.


  1. Hey Papa,
    I'm a big fan of your blog. As an very avid beach person here in Santa Barbara, and a Graphic/Branding/product designer with a serious bent on vintage, don't ask me how I found you, but you're kind of like the Down Under version of me. We share many of the same interests.You can find a bit about me at the url below and/or on

    Facebook : Federico Hill Santa Barbara

    Here's something I posted on our 4th of July i think you'll like:

    Thanks for the cool stuff, Best Alohas, Federico H.

  2. Aloha Papa,

    I'm fairly good friends with Blue Hawaiians.
    They used to play here all the time..I'm working on a
    project to get them back here, they're from a bit South.

    There was a Club in L.A., called the Lava Lounge that was
    all retro-Hawaiian style inside. The Blue Hawaiians were the
    house band there, and played here in Santa Barbara all the time.

    Best Alohas FH