Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tulagi or Bust, Surfcraft strikes in the Pacific.

Inspiration is surely a strange thing. Recently at a surf market event in Byron, Paul McNeil artist in residence at ZED surfboards showed me their new Zed Knob vehicle. Sighting the obvious omage to Papa Nui I was quite flattered at this unique resin job with its recognizable military overtones.
However as I was standing there, in my mindseye I instantly saw a sunbleached coral airstrip in the South Pacific and a row of battered and faded planes, weathered by the harsh light, salt and tropical rain. Each machine kept servicable by dedicated aviation mechanics who would salvage wrecks for usable parts to keep em flying in the most adverse of conditions. These 'frankenstein' warbirds would be ready at a moments notice to sweep the skies clear of Nippons finest.
With this vision in my head I found the inspiration for board aesthetics to come. Im seeing my new craft in this light with Paul McNeil's 'panel-fade' art work. Perhaps its the Olive of a battered P-39 or the salt stained USN Grey of a motor patrol torpedo boat hiding up a mangrove tributary within stiking distance of the 'Slot'.

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