Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sea = Zed.

Dain Thomas the Houdini of hulls.

Sea Surfboards and the Cell space in Byron Bay's industrial area was for all but a brief moment the centre of surfing's alter universe. Riding high on the redefinition of old skool is the new skool or that there really isn't a skool at all, the Sea team, consisting of Dain Thomas, Matt Yates and Paul McNeil toyed with the concept that the surf vehicle can be a functional tool as well as a piece of art. Their hulled bottom single finned logs were nothing less than beautiful with a style, grace and aesthetic which to the appreciative eyed approached perfection. Alas all glory is fleeting and so with the demise of the original partnership a re-birth was conceived in the guise of ZED.
Zed's mantra is to keep the concept tight with small runs of specialty products aimed at the discerning surfer.
With a new team at the helm each partner brings talent and an entrepreneurial spirit to the fore front. Dain Thomas is the master shaper who learnt his craft under the tutorage of the legendary Bob McTavish. Paul McNeil is the art director with a high profile presence that stretches back to when Mambo was anything but an old fart joke. Today his signature splatter style resin board art has spread across the globe.Finally there's Brent Wayland with his model playboy goodlooks and talent for conceptualising a garment range that is the sartorial equivilent of Dain's boardshaping.
This is Zed, follow them on facebook 'ZED surf' and hop on now before the bandwagon leaves the garage.

ZED selection, log, sea biscuit and zed knob.

Z-knob with a colour job that only the Papa could inspire.

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