Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saigon. Shit. I'm still only in Saigon.

Who can forget the amazing characters conjured up in Francis Ford Coppola and John Milius's Apocalypse Now? Fantastic stuff and a true work of art. Some have said that this is the ultimate surf movie with Colonel Kilgore and his boys searching out grinding peaks under Charlie's nose.

Lets not forget Lance Johnson on the forward .50's and his reputation as a nose rider back in the beaches south of L.A

Id like therefore to draw your attention to a new film from John Milius, called, 'between the Lines'

This new film/doco follows the experiences of several surfers at the time of the Vietnam War. Some chose to go the jungles of South East Asia while others made the choice to flee to Canada to escape the Draft.

Milius as many are aware also did the film classic Big Wednesday, which originally flopped at the box office but eventually found its way to be the defining surf movie of an entire generation. Milius also wrote the script for Apocalypse Now and so in this new film/doco we have yet another take on that incredible sixties period as seen through the eyes of Millius and those Surfers who were caught up in the drama of uncertain times.

It is also interesting to note that although the Vietnam war was lost on the campuses and streets of the United States through the various anti-war protest organisations and left wing fifth columnists, on the battlefield American and Australians never lost a major action.

To all those boys swept up in an unpopular war and vilified or forgotten by governments that sanctioned their action, Papa Nui says, you are all heroes who deserve our gratitude and thanks, the Papa remembers you and your comrades POW and MIA who are no longer with us.


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