Sunday, February 15, 2009

Papa's AWOL on an ATOLL beach style.

Papa Nui's beach style is unique. Its a satorial statement born of individuality, idealism and a sense of the wacky. What the hell says the Papa, the beach has always been a place for irreverent expression. 60 years ago surfers were cutting off the legs of sailors pants to go surfing in or wearing boxer shorts 5 sizes too big so they dragged down past your tan line when you stood up. In short surfers just did their own shit, created unique stuff and to hell with what anybody else thought, especially the establishment.
Wow how things have changed. Nowadays if the Surfing Kremlim says its cool and in fashion the hoards can't help but pad the wallet of some fat cat in Victoria who couldn't remember why he started in the surf industry in the first place.
Alas its the same the world over, so Im not telling anybody anything new. But the Papa, well, he reckons you just gotta do your own thing, forget surf companies, forget 40 year old's looking like grommets, the Papa says stuff 'em all.
Inspired by a chance viewing of South Pacific and later an in-depth reading of the James A.Michener novel, The Papa decided to build his style ideas based on AWOL on an Atoll. Here's just a few shots of the latest in Papa's surfside wardrobe.

Tired of the endless drudgery of commercial boardshorts the Papa now wears WWII Underwater Demolition Team shorts with Marine Amphibious patch sewn on the leg.
Olive t-shirt by Hanes USA, WWII American Optics aviator glasses, US Navy crewmans cap, olive herringbone twill with stencil tote bag by the PAPA. Leather thongs by Aqua Patagonia Brazil.

US NAVY UDT shorts from WWII still currently available and worn by the SEALS. Papa Nui insists they are the perfect, 'I don't give a shit about your crappy boardshort company', statement around.

At the beach casual wear. Original 1940's captains hat by the Beachcomber, White Hanes t-shirt, UDT Screw crown watch with webbed band by ZENO USA, Korean war surplus herringbone twill pants and opened face WWII belt, HBT and string tote bag by the PAPA, leather thongs as above.

An amazing custom pair of Birdwell Beach Britches from Santa Ana California in rare WWII USMC camoflauge. This camo pattern was worn through out the Pacific Campaign. It is know as the 'frog pattern' and was developed by the editor of American House and Garden magazine. Pearl Harbor Anniversary T-shirt, Handmade Palm frond hat completes the ensemble.

Day outfit for the tropics consists of, WWII US Marine Corp Tropical Helmet, olive singlet by american apparel, Original Red Cross possibles bag, Custom made Herringbone twill Sarong with attached Marines pocket by the PAPA, leather beach sandals

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