Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bootleggers Reunion 1930's 1940's workwear specialists

The other day Papa was saying that the Military Flight jacket market was pretty much owned by a couple of companies in Japan, The Few, Toys McCoys, Real McCoys and Buzz Rickson. But in the arena of workwear the Bootleggers Reunion reign supreme. These guys are all ex- McCoys employees and have started their own brand. Their speciality is really in Vintage 1930's and 1940's workwear. The leather that they produce in the Papa's opinion is second to none. Check these styles out and take note of the insane Japanese approach to insisting on detail.

This is Papa's favourite, a Black leather version of the classic railman's coat, it is beautifully detailed and is lined in a combination of wool and cotton flannel.

The Collar Tab detail is magnificent, this allowed you to button the jacket at the throat when wearing several layers of garments underneath.

This Motorcycle jacket is typical of the 1930's, the shape is quite fitted assisted by a half belt in the back.

Note the gorgeous use of the two tone effect in the horsehide leather.

This Ranchers jacket has great pocket detailing and would last a life time of hard wearing.

Another beautiful leather motor sports style jacket. The colour is typical of the Bootleggers Reunion quest for authenticity, not every jacket was black or brown.

Unbelievable back detailing explains why these babies cost so much.



  1. I agree with you on the Railman's coat, that is incredible! Any links to a Rakuten where we can see more of these guys?


  2. Try this link/site:

  3. Like the line-up at the Kobe Union shop --- pity it's in Kobe, which is probably my least favourite city in Japan (I always like to visit the shops).

    I have two pairs of Bootleggers' trousers, and four of their shirts -- the fabric and especially the construction is first rate. Shirts a trifle boxy in true vintage style -- none of the button-pulling undersized look that seems to be in fashion at the moment.

  4. My sources in Japan tell me that the Bootleggers have now folded and are no more? If anyone has more info then let the Papa know.

  5. The quality is outsatnding, I was fortunate enough to purchase railman's coat whicj I love dearly. I heard they had gone under but have struggled to get any proof of this.

  6. So this is my theory as it seems difficult to get a straight answer on whether they bootleggers are still around or not. I believe that the the BOOTLEGGERS REUNION and the FREEWHEELERS are linked in some way, as both feature an american buffalo in their logo that has obviously come from the same artist. This would not be unusual in Japan as I remember that the Real McCoys had a similar structure in the early days with several partners exploring their speciality in different areas but with links and a business tie in. Check out the FREEWHEELERS stuff, Its as good as anything Ive seen.

  7. Have a look at Rainbow Country as well. Their leather jackets are made in the same factory as Freewheelers.