Saturday, October 16, 2010

James "Chubby" Mitchell.

Chubby Mitchell's de-lightful touch at Makaha, circa late 1950's

I have lots of favourite surfing photos but this one is a stand out. There's a light-footed grace which speaks volumes about the essence of style.
Chubby Mitchell was a Hawaiian that moved to California in the early 50's and lived near Manhattan beach. Chubby was 5'7" played football for San Jose State College and was a superb athlete even though he weighed in at 285lbs. He was a jazz lover who was known for his cross stepping, nose riding, an enormous appetite, sharp wittedness and elegant ukulele playing. There's something about this photo that inspires me to want to strip back everything superfluous and to focus purely on the quintessence and soul of the foam dance.


  1. Beautifull post Papa ! We heard so few about Chubby Mitchell.

    BTW, without make the apology of the asceticism, it is true that stare at the hypnotic foam dance, give this feeling. Even the worth troubles could be forget, and i 'm feel always on the edge after surfing, almost ready to strip back everything but also enougth strong to face everything. Funny how the sea contemplation recharge and give power.

  2. went to state 58, 59 met james in santa cruz, playe golf with Charley (sp) Ki hoo ie, he got a try out with raiders,,,also that era al weimers, dick bender ,dave dyke etc Chubby a true ledgend, in every respect