Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Burning

I was partially inspired by Foster Huntington's photo blog and his concept of the Burning House. It's a collective of photos based on what you would take out the door should a fire threaten your property. I've pondered this for several weeks and came to the conclusion that it would be a very very difficult choice as you wouldn't have the time to contemplate a rational decision. However It did take me off onto the tangent of a group of themed items that's partially a product shoot and what might be essential to starting out again.
(click on images for enlarged detail)

The Pacific.

Palm Frond Hat, USMC utility jacket, USMC frog camo headcover, my favourite Hanes t-shirt worn so much its tissue thin, my father's swim trunks purchased in 1949, italian leather sandals, PT Boat Captains lid, Canteen watch, GI collapsible water bucket, Island maiden morale booster photograph, USMC issue blanket, tapa throw and Japanese glass fishing bouys representing the flotsam, jetsam and tides of our lives.


Flea Market finds for Upstate or the Pacific Northwest, Indian Camp Blanket, Pendleton Blanket, Pack Basket, Deer altlers. Early LL Bean plaid mackinaw jacket, 1930's CC Filson hunting vest in duck canvas, 40's Bob Allen double faced hunting pants, 1940's Deer Skin jacket by Gerry's leathergoods Colorado, 1940's buckskin jacket by Sportsclad California, Warehouse Japan plaid hooded athletic jacket, Wesco lace to toe smoke jumpers, Stormy Kramer wool cap with 1940's hunting licence, plains indian beaded possibles bag.


  1. if i had to choose i'll be devastated ......nice choice

  2. Thought I'd do the Tom Hanks castaway gig and just make one out a piece of koa wood.

  3. What a great idea to take a pic of your favorite things in case of fire house !

    I love the brown jacket and fisherman's glass balls (don't know the word in english).

    (Big Mama)

  4. Papa...I love the fact that your blog is showing up on more and more peoples links in their blog makes me proud that we hooked up so long ago ;O)

  5. Thanks Hime, I wish I could raise my followers numbers though, maybe I need to do a recruitment drive?