Thursday, April 14, 2011

Papa's PX sale bonanza!


Well troops here's the deal.
The Papa has been over to Taratupa Island (somewhere in the South Pacific) and has been engaged in negotiations with Chief Tali Urulu. It would appear that the wily old Chief is looking for even MORE monetary compensation for the hand of his fair daughter, Giggles. He didn't seem satisfied with my current offer of Tapa Blankets and Taro and is now demanding I make up the dowry in pigs! What price his consent I ask?
Well the Papa needs to call on all his allies to help him raise an extra $1500 and so to rally your support for the pending nuptials the Papa has set up some great and unusually difficult to find items from his PX Quonset hut warehouse and placed them here for sale. So dig deep if you can and be tempted if you will and lets all see if we can't keep the Chief happy.
This is not an auction, its first in best dressed, contact the Papa directly at Any questions please fire away. Postage is never cheap but that is out of the Papa's hands so he apologises upfront however he would like you to consider that he has been on eBay for 11 years now and has been stitched up every which way trying to get parcels delivered to his atoll so he's not making any excuses. Good luck to you all.

NOTICE: All payments please by PAYPAL via my email address. I know this little bunch of items is not going to fetch enough for the Papa to purchase all the little squealers needed to assuage Chief Uluru but he wants to be as fair as possible on price, however if you honestly think it's too good of a bargin then please by all means you can offer more! All Prices are in AUSTRALIA DOLLARS. As you may have noticed the greenback has taken a dive and for the first time since the Papa can remember the good old Aussie buck is worth more than that Seppo currency.

Lets Go!!

From The Real McCoys catalog #2 Comes this awesome Joe McCoy 1920's Brakeman Coat in beautiful Japanese 10 oz Indigo Denim. Oh yes you can see this is going to be painful for the Papa! Catalog price 26,000 yen.
Sale Price: $150
Measurements: Tagged size 40", actuals are shoulders 18.5", chest 44", sleeve 26".
Beautiful patina!
Postage $38.

LVC 506XX Levis 1940's single pocket denim blouse. Nicely broken in.
Sale price $75
Measurements; Tagged size 40". Actuals are shoulders 18.5", chest 42", sleeve 23".
Postage $30

This is a rare one. Before Levis 'engineered' came out of the States, Japan had its own concept. It was loosely based on an unusual pair of jeans that turned up in their archives. It was a white on white tab ( white levis text on white background)and so this became the basis for a super limited line aimed at early adopters. This is the first and only sample of their Coverall Coat. It made from Nishinbo bleached 10oz Canvas and draws its pocket inspiration from the late WWII version of the USMC HBT utility jacket. Has contrasting navy blue bartacking and black wreath donut buttons.
Sale Price $120
Measurements: Size large. Actuals are shoulders 19", chest 46", sleeve 25".
Postage $38

Vintage 'Campus' kelly green cord shirt. Excellent and gorgeous colour.
Measurements: Tagged XL 16-16 1/2.Actuals are shoulders 19", chest 46", sleeve 24".
Sale price $65
Postage $25

Woah!! check this out, very early American life jacket survival vest, yes this is really hurting. The Papa used this one on forays off the sub on moonless nights when exploring the atoll reef breaks. Free size and in wonderful condition, has some spotting but nothing detracts from the rarity of this baby.
Sale price: $100, you can give me more if you must!
Postage $48

Early Midshipmans dixie cup US Navy white cotton hat.Has some discolouration and paint spots but all same a great wearing piece.
Size: fits medium approx 57cm or 7 1/8"
Sale price:$35
Postage $15

WWII Early khaki version of the 'Daisey May' US Army fatigue hat, Minty 7 1/8.
Sale price; $45
Postage $15

1990's RRL by Ralph Lauren corduroy Vintage style outdoorsmans cap, flannel lined, ticket pocket strap at front crown. Size 7 1/8" .These are rare now too and there's idiots on ebay asking for hundreds of dollars, ah but not the Papa!
Sale price: $45
Postage $15

WWII US Army Airforces A-3 mechanics cap. This is a rare one also, its actually light khaki and not green at all which would indicate its a fairly early version, all original and complete with washed out tag and aaf wings and stars stamps.
Size 7 1/8"
Sale Price: $65
Postage $15

Vintage 1940's McGregor Drizzler jacket from the Rye Police NY and shooting pistol club.Amazing patch collection on this super cool jacket dating to the late 40's.
Size 42"
Sale Price $85
Postage $30.

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