Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Custom Wesco Smoke Jumpers.

Okay so while we're on the outdoor theme I couldn't help but include a shot of my Custom Wesco boots. This is the third pair Ive owned and ordered from Big Black I love them! They are just made to walk in. On this pair I had them use black stitching throughout and instead of having a heavy cleated vibram sole I ask them to use the flat slip resistant one instead. I also left the kelties on this pair and am getting quite used to the fringing. I also like the look of the White's Boots model that are so popular in Japan at present but there's something about their squarer toe shape that irks me a little, oh well you know next time Im in the market my opinion may have changed, stare at something long enough and you usually begin to unravel the intricacies of the styling and develop an appreciation.


  1. The wesco are cool and easy to wear, I prefer that brand at Whites.Perfect boots!!